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Welcome to my official website, rekhamilkyocean.com. This site's dedicated to me-myself-and-I, the Canadian musician and visual artist known as REKHA - IYERN [Fe].


Latest Achievement, Sept 2022: got featured in a popular Hollywood online publication, FP write up Artist Profile


For all who are eager to know, my debut album MILKY OCEAN released in CANADA on 10.15.05, and then internationally, just 6 days later under my very own independent label, IYERN [Fe] RECORDS CANADA, the memorable date being 10.21.05.

2008 was the prima start of my music career in terms of getting world wide digital distribution for my sizzling electric CD. All that awesome-ness happened via Europe's leading label, BELIEVE, located in Paris, FRANCE! If you'd like to purchase my album, you may choose to do the digital download thing by simply clicking on BandCamp, or your choice digital store. 


Sounds Like Bliss is my newly released instrumental album, a collection of dreamy-ambient like fingerpicked tracks guaranteed to wind you into a state of tranquility and relaxation! If you wish to support me you can do so by purchasing on BandCamp.


250+ original recordings of mine including my world collaborations ongoing, various multi-genre projects compiled of Singles, EP's and FL LP's can be heard on soundcloud.com, bandcamp, spotify and more under Artist Name: REKHA a.k.a REKHA - IYERN [Fe].

And that was that by the way, but wait, there's more super duper news coming...so, in 2009, CBC/RCI International spread the word around the world about me and my music through satellite radio waves to up-up-up my frequency notch button just a tad-i-l-y tad bit more...and then, to really ice up my cake special, this year 2010, what a real surprise, Stonebridge Acoustic Guitars, (Canada/Czech Republic), invited me into the Stonebridge family as their new emerging aritst! Now seriously people, for me that's hugely magnanimous...utterly deeply touching to be recognized in this kind-a-way...and yes, yes, yes, my heart is heavy with h-a-p-p-y emotion! I simply couldn't ask for anything better! Visit IMAGERY for my album's front cover and MUSIC for MILKY OCEAN song clips and upcoming releases.

If you happen to be a nut-bar of a lover of Fine Art, sit back and relax, experience my etchings, paintings, and mixed media works under the tab VISUAL ART. Have fun browsing away cuz' there's lots of music and visuals for you to check out and I do hope you enjoy your time here! To purchase any of my visual artworks, or a physical CD directly from me, simply click on SHOP above in the left side TAB and send an email order request with your ship to address to:

One-Of-A-Kind RETRO ROCKER Pins designed by me on RED BUBBLE: 

Listen to REKHA's original multi-genre music & world collaborations here: https://soundcloud.com/rekha-iyern-fe/tracks 

Listen to REKHA's radio spotlights here: https://soundcloud.com/rekha-iyern-fe/sets/rekha-on-radio

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