Rekha, a Canadian born of East Indian descent, was brought up with traditions from both North and South which was passed down from either side of her family.

Originally from the small town of Brockville, Ontario, she came from humble beginnings. When her family moved to Toronto, she accelerated her learning and began a musical journey. After pleading with her father, he finally agreed to enroll Rekha in music school, where she began taking guitar lessons and realized her purpose.

Nick Filippeos first instructed Rekha when she was 8 years of age. He quickly saw her natural abilities and encouraged her parents to allow her to continue developing as a musician. Rekha’s talent on guitar enhanced her natural gift as a vocalist, which she showed off as a young child to any who knew her.

Throughout elementary and secondary school, Rekha continued music studies always forming bands and dreaming of the spotlight. After careful consideration, another one of her many talents came into focus by obtaining a Fine Arts degree from the University of Guelph. Although a departure from her original passion, the visual major has aided her in designing all artwork necessary for a musician including a CD package, promo packs and web page.

The year 2000 not only marked a change of the century but also Rekha’s original dream of pursuing a career in music. Being a perfectionist she felt the need to further her studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto to further her vocal training in Art Song and Oratorio. This experience not only increased her vocal range but the curriculum also fueled her passion for expressing in many languages. Her love of the German language lead her to study Opera vocals at Hanns Eisler in Berlin, Germany where she also became efficient in Italian.

It did not take long for Rekha to show her talents at such notable venues as Uni-Rock Fest in Paderborn, Germany and Saas Fe, Switzerland where she continued performing throughout Europe before returning to Canada. Rekha continued to perform in Ontario before and after she was honoured to perform at Inaugural South Asian Heritage Gala where she was able to showcase her ability to fuse Indian Raags with alternative rock and new age classical. All these experiences culminated to inspire the music project Milky Ocean in 2002. After an arduous six-year journey, we are pleased to unleash this unique and powerful alternative rock collection for your listening. Thank you for BELIEVE (ing) in the artist known as REKHA.

Music + Visual Art Profiles | Performances, Exhibitions + Charity Events

International Radio/TV

New Music Saturday, Artist Profile, Give It Up, Hosted by Dr.Bones & Mike Five (CA/UK/USA) 21-22'

CJSW Alberta Radio, Artist Profile, Psychedelia, Hosted by Tanvi (CA) 21'

Siesta Radio, Artist's Profile, Berlin's Wind, Hosted by Stefan Pokroppa, (Spain/Germany), 17'
CBC/RCI Radio, The Link, Rekha’s Artist Profile, Produced/Martin Simon Greizis, Hosted/Marc Montogmery, TO 09’
Radio City, 91.0 FM, Music/Art Profile, Bangalore, India 06’
Astha TV, Bhajan Orchestra Performance, Bangalore, India 06’
OKB Radio/TV, Music/Art Profile, Berlin, Germany 01’, 04’
Miss India Worldwide CA, Payal Banquet Hall, ATN, TO-1, Rogers, OMNI TV, Milky Ocean Performance, MISS 04’
Ishstyle, Music/Art Profile, OMNI TV, TO 03’
South Asian Newsweek, Music/Art Profile, CFMT TV, TO 02’
Mr. India Worldwide Canada, International Plaza Hotel, TO 97'
Landesgartenschau TV, Children’s Sing-A-Long, Music performance, Paderborn, Germany 94’

International Venues
South Side Shuffle Blues and Jazz Fest, Busker Fest, Music Performance, Port Credit 09’
Cafe CJ's in Bronte, OAK 10'
Carassauga Festival, Canadian Pavilion, Milky Ocean Performance, MISS 09’
John Fraser Secondary School, Music/Art Exhibit, MISS 08’
Diaspora, Music/Group Art Exhibit, York University, TO 07’
Sherway Academy of Music Student Concerts, Assembly Hall, St.Paul’s U-Church, TO 03’-07’
Kumbabisheka Celebrations, Nimishamba Temple, Milky Ocean Performance, Bangalore, India 06’
Anveshana Rock Fest, Global Academy of Technology, Milky Ocean Performance, Bangalore, India 06’
College Fest, Global Nursing College, Milky Ocean Performance, Bangalore, India 06’
Visual Rhythms, South Asian Group Art Exhibit, Design Exchange, TO 04’
Handicare International Fundraiser Dinner, Crown Banquet Hall, Milky Ocean Performance, MISS 03’
International Kite Festival for United Way, Miliken Park, Music Performance, SCAR 02’
Inaugural South Asian Heritage Gala Celebration, MTCC, Music Performance, TO 02’
Coloursparks, Music/Art Exhibit, Guests Rainer Jancis/Windjammers, Kulturbrauerei, Berlin, Germany 01’
Go Inn, Saas Fee, Music Performance, Switzerland 01’
Fundraiser Concert Earthquake in India, Klub Delhi, Music Performance, Berlin, Germany 01’
Mr. India Worldwide Canada, International Plaza Hotel, TO 97'
The Colour of Freedom, Various Artists, Harbourfront, Music Performance, TO 97’
Reflections, Asia Pacific Music/Group Art Exhibit, Cedar Ridge CAC, SCAR 97’
Uni-PAD Rock Fest, REKHA/The Jan Lessner Band, Paderborn, Germany 94’
Landesgartenschau TV, Children’s Sing-A-Long, Music Performance, Paderborn, Germany 94’
Flughafen-PAD, Group Art Exhibit, Paderborn, Germany 94'

Recording Studios
Metalworks, Mastering by Nick Blagona for CD REKHA-Milky Ocean, MISS 05’
FatLabs, Recording/Mixing by Vikas Kohli on Selected Tracks for CD REKHA-Milky Ocean, MISS 05’
Wellesley Sound, Recorded Unreleased Track, Sun Comes Out Tomorrow, TO 04’
TDS, The Offering, 3 in 4 by Eddie Bullen/REKHA for CD DESERT RAIN by Eddie Bullen, TO 04’
Wellesley Sound, Mixing by Jeff McCulloch on Selected Tracks for CD REKHA-Milky Ocean, TO 03’
TDS, Recorded 14 Tracks by REKHA for CD REKHA-Milky Ocean, TO 03’
#9 Audio Group, Recorded Tracks, Responsible by REKHA, Voice Inside by Robert Sibony/REKHA, TO 03’


LA online magazine Artist Profile Sept 2022
Deccan Herald, Anveshana Rock Fest 2006, May 11th, 2006, Edition, Bangalore, India 06’
KALA, Vision of Coloursparks, Anita Balakrishna, Music/Art Profile, Spring/04 Vol.8, Issue 3, CA/USA, TO 04’
Uni-PAD Zeitung, Uni-PAD Rock Fest, Paderborn, Germany 94’


World Collaborations, 250+ orig-music-tracks released with industry professionals in CA, USA, UK & EU 24'

Listen on under Artist Name: REKHA a.ka. REKHA - IYERN [Fe]

Tacheles 2013 Berlin, Film documentary by Moya Javier, featuring Shri Shri MA by REKHA 13'
A Stonebridge Acoustic Guitar Artist, (Canada /Czech Republic), TO 10’
CBC/RCI Radio, The Link, REKHA’S Artist’s Profile, Produced by Martin Simon Greizis, Hosted by Marc Montgomery, TO 09’
World Digital Distribution for CD REKHA-Milky Ocean 05’ via Europe’s leading label BELIEVE, France 08’

REKHA’s music featured on:,,, TO 07’-10’


REKHA - Music & Visual Art Instructor

Music & Visual Art Website:



Career Highlights

Professional Singer/Songwriter, Composer/Author, Multi-Instrumental Musician, Recording/Performing, Narrating Artist & Exhibiting Visual Artist


World Wide Distribution with Europe’s Leading Label BELIEVE, France for 2005 CD MILKY OCEAN, sold online via SoundCloud, BandCamp, Spotify & more popular sites

Recording New & Upcoming Releases, works in progress ongoing. Latest album releases, Sounds Like Bliss, Trailokya and more. All songs written, composed & produced by REKHA, under indie label, IYERN [Fe] RECORDS CA.

250+ Music Releases, Multi-Genre Works, Compiled of Original & World Collaborations, Singles & EP’s with EU, UK, CA, AU, JA & the USA for the entertainment industry

Singing/Performing/Recording/Arranging Multi-Genre Music Incl. Lyrics: New Age, World, Alt-Rock, Punk, Electronic, Pop, Dance, Contemporary, Classical & Spiritual

Classical East/West Blends: Singing in English, German, Italian, French & Hindi

Eclectic Vocal Style: Rich Harmonies & Captivating Melodies, Vocal Layering & Filtering, Ethereal & Transcendental

Forte Instruments: Playing Classical, Electric & Acoustic Guitars Contemporary Classical Finger Picking Style: Ambient Dreamy Guitars

*Visual Art Specialization: Methods of Printmaking, Lithography, Intaglio & Serigraphy Mixed Media, Painting, Drawing, Surface Treatments, Photography, Hand Building, Abstract Forms, Paper Mache, Crafts, Clothing/Jewelry Design

One-Of-A-Kind Graphic & Web Design | Also Selling & Exhibiting my own visual art creations


Education & Private Training

University of Guelph, Bachelor of Arts, Specialization Fine Arts, Methods of Printmaking, 91'

Hanns Eisler University BE/DE, Art Song & Oratorio, Professor Renate Faltin 01'

RCM Varsity TO, Art Song & Oratorio, Instructor Eraine Schwing Braun 00'

Danforth Music TO, Classical/Contemporary/Rock Guitar, Instructor Nick Filippeous 75’-85’


Languages: Conversational German, Hindi


Teaching Experience - 20yrs+

Teaching Students 4 Years-Adults Guitar, Voice, Piano, Bass, Violin, Ukulele & Art Classes Private 1 on 1, Ensemble & Group Workshops

Contemporary/Classical Music, Pop/Rock, Music Notation, Beg-Adv, Recording Tracks

Strumming/Finger-Picking/Chords, Rhythm/Lead/Scales, Freestyle/Improvisation, Band/Choir, Original Compositions Breathing/Voice Projection, Harmonizing/Call & Response, Vowel/Shaping, Character Voices/Tone/Range

Stage Presence/Stance/Dance/Body Movement, Select Performance Geared Classes

Children’s Sing-A-Long Workshops, Pop Ambient World Music, Eurhythmy, Relaxation


*Also teaching students with special needs, ADHD, Tourette/William Syndrome & more


Surreal Art, Intricate Design Technique, See (*) Under Career Highlights


Work History, Teaching 2001-2023

Guitar, Piano & Voice Instructor, Excel Music, MISS 2023

Guitar, Piano & Voice Online Instructor with CM, BH, MP & more 2022-Present 

Guitar, Piano, Voice, Performance & Art Instructor, IYERN [Fe], MISS 2003-Present

Guitar, Piano, Violin & Voice, FCMA, Malton, 2022-Present

Guitar, Voice, Piano, Bass, Violin, Perform/Art Instructor, NAM, MISS 2010-2019

Ukulele Kids, Large Group Ukulele Instructor, PDSB, MISS 2015-2018

Guitar, Voice, Piano, Performance & Art Instructor, Rosethorn SCC, TO 2010

Guitar, Voice & Performance Instructor, Sherway Academy of Music, TO 2003-2008

Visual Rhythms, South Asian Group Art Exhibition, Design Exchange, TO 2004

English Tutor, ICLS CANADA, SCAR, 2002-2003

Guitar, Voice, Art Workshop Instructor, Oakridge Public School, TO 2002

Guitar, Voice, Percussion Instructor, Kinder Klub Schwedterstrasse, BE, DE 2001

Colour Sparks, Music & Art Exhibition, Kulturbrauerei, BE, DE 2001


Work History Prior to Teaching, TO 1985-1998

Fine Art Studio Maintenance Rep for Prof. Elton Yerex at Zavitz Hall, U of Guelph, 

Extra Actor on Hit TV Comedy Series Hangin’ In, CBC Studios TO

Pit Orchestra Guitarist/Singer/Musician, Pelican Players Theatre TO


Performances, Accomplishments, Recognition and Media

LA Onlne Magazine 2022-Present

New Music Saturday Radio, Give It Up, Whew, CA/USA/UK 21'-22'

CJSW AB Radio, Psychedelia, CA 21'

Siesta Radio Artist’s Profile, Berlin's Wind, ESPN/DE, 

Tacheles 2013 BE, Film Docu by Moya Javier, Feat. Shri Shri MA by REKHA, DE 13'

Stonebridge Acoustic Guitar Female Fingerpicking Artist, CA/CZECH, TO 10’

CBC Radio The Link TO, Artist’s Profile, CA/World 09’


Auditioning Experience and Recognition

Bombay Dreams, East Minster Church, TO 03’

Lion King, Stella Music Academy, Hamburg, DE 01’

Cirque du Soleil, Randolf School of Performing Arts, TO 99’

Rent, Royal Alex TO 98’


Other Interests and Skills: Keys: 55 W.P.M, MAC OS X & higher, Photo Studio, LQ, Graphic/Web Design (*See Recording with Garageband, Logic Pro, Reason & ProTools, Music/Art Video Presentations


Performing, creating beautiful music with talented top musicians & industry professionals around the globe. Recording original sound-track music for Film/TV, Magic Land, Captain Good, Eagle, Talk To Me, Sign Of The Times, Family, Paradise Below, Boy Toy, Whew, Solaris & Freedom. Give it up, FL album out now! 


Electronica (Trailokya out now on SC) including multiple Pop Rock LP's, upcoming releases ongoing, works in progress, All music composed & produced by REKHA


Instruments I like to play other than Guitars: Bass, Harmonium, Piano, Synthesizers, Sitar, Hand Percussion


Passion: Foreign Films/Conversational German, Animal Welfare/Environment    


References: Music Clips, Visual Art Samples, Promotional Photos, Detailed Fact Sheet & Resume on: *Additional info available on request


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